Shop Window Competition 2022

The Windows!

Freshers Cafe (Rothay Road)
Detail (Market Place)
Apple Pie Bakery (Rydal Road)
Herby Jacks (Lake Road)
The Bath House (Market Place)
Granny Smiths (Market Place)
Lily Lou's (The Slack)
Davenport and Scott (Lake Road)
Cherrydidi (Central Buildings)
Ye Olde Friers (Market Place)
Little Walkers (Rydal Road)
Lucy's on a Plate (Church Street)
The Picnic Box (Lake Road)
6 The Slack (The Slack)
Tyson's Mountain Footwear (Market Place)
Oakhill Vets (Church Street)
His and Hers (Church Street)
Walnut Fish Bar (Millans Park)
The Post Office / Tourist Info (Central Buildings)

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